About Us

The Mount Evelyn Junior Football Club is a Community minded Australian Junior Football Club which has been enjoying local community support since 1970.

We are known as the Mount Evelyn Rovers, and have built a well-founded reputation as a Family Club within the Outer East AFL Competition for our values which centre on Integrity, Respect for All, and Team work.

We welcome and invite all our members to enjoy the fun, friendly and warm atmosphere of a Club which values the contributions we all can make for our children who make up the essence of our great club.


We look forward to welcoming your Family into our Family

Mt Evelyn Junior Football Club

We know that Australian Rules Football provides a vehicle for our children to learn life skills as well as physical skills which will carry them forward in their lives, and that as Club Members we all have the opportunity and duty to play a part in their development.

Life long friendships and bonds are built within Football Clubs for young and old alike, and the Mount Evelyn Junior Football Club takes pride in being able to provide a friendly welcoming venue where these bonds are cultivated, nourished and enhanced.