U12 Girls getting ready

So the U12 girls started training 3 weeks before our first game. Should have been enough time to get fit and for the girls to get to know each other.

Our first and only training session started well with 17 girls training. Lots of familiar faces and lots of new faces to get to know. We started with some fitness with Lani, Gemma, Sasha, Maddi and Ebony showing the way. Of our existing players Milly, JJ and Maccassa have all been eating their veggies and have grown inches. Libby and Skye have stopped fighting each other as have Issie and Em (all sisters). Our new girls Ava, Matilda, Giselle, Eden, Isie, Izzy and Maddy all (after looking a bit scared of their coach) settled in and looked like they had fun. Our skills were a bit rusty but lots of good signs and the girls all got along really well. Looking forward to a great season then………

Hoping to get back later in the year
Fathead, Gav, Ben, Sarah

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